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Emerson New Thought Center (ENTC)
Oakhurst, California


Emerson New Thought Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, recognized as a church by the Internal Revenue Service. Its headquarters is in Oakhurst, California.

ENTC is referred to as a “church without walls.” It operates on the principle that a religious center is not defined by its physical space, but by the services it renders to society. ENTC has ministers and practitioners across the United States and in Australia.

To be accepted as a minister or practitioner, one must have a recognized credential from a New Thought theological school. An applicant must also have recommendations from two established New Thought ministers to demonstrate their commitment to New Thought services to the community.

Emerson Theological Institute degree graduates, who desire to teach New Thought classes, facilitate seminars or provide other New Thought services may also apply for affiliation.

All instructional programs and curricula, for ENTC certificated members desiring to teach, are under the auspice of Emerson Theological Institute. Proposals are sent to pizelo@sti.net for approval. The turn around review and approval is timely.

Once affiliated with ENTC, an affiliate must sign and follow our code of ethics, and demonstrate an on-going commitment to providing New Thought services. An annual activities report is also required at the culmination of each year.

Applicants pay a modest processing fee when they are accepted and an annual membership renewal fee yearly. Many members tithe to the organization when they can do so in lieu of the annual renewal fee. A hold-harmless clause is also included for signature.

ENTC presently has ministers and practitioners providing services in California, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, Massachusetts, Delaware, Hawaii, and Australia. Many others are in the application process. We have been receiving several inquiries per month, and expect to add many more affiliates over the coming year.

ENTC certificated members are establishing study groups, teaching New Thought classes, conducting seminars and retreats, providing humanitarian services such as hospice workers, hospital ministries and chaplaincies, a half way house for abused and/or homeless women, prison chaplaincy and other services.



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